Falco produces metal packaging, in particular tinplate tins.

Tins are widely used in: chemical, oil and food markets.

They are produced with various capacities, from 75 ml. and more, and various shapes: cylindrical, conical, rectangular, square, hexagonal or following custom shapes requirements . Falco also produces aerosol cylinders cans, commonly known as spray cans.

Metal drums are supplied with many closures, in various types: pressure lid, screw cap, easy open, bayonet etc. in order to ensure the best shelf-life of the products.

Why choose metal packaging?

When we think about Steel, material with which metal packaging is made, we think about characteristics such as Solidity, Strength, Heaviness.

That’s not all yet: with the application of the most advanced technologies, tins produced by Falco are also light and reduce waste of material, printed with multicolour prints and innovative shapes, are 100% recyclable

So metal drums, tin cans for food, bucket made for liquid chemicals products and more generally, metal packaging, are eco-friendly: from metal drums you can get another metal can, thanks to the ease with which they can be recycled, which ensures absolute sustainability.

The metal cans remain an important reference for those who want to propose on the market a product whose peculiarities remain unchanged until its final use by the consumer.

Falco, active in the sector for almost 50 years, operates in compliance with the standards: ISO 9001 – ISO 22000 and the guidelines a AIA , FEA (European aerosol Association) for the aerosol spray cans or UN- IATA- IMCO- RID- ADR, for the transport of dangerous goods.

Cans for food

Metal food cans are widely used in the canning industry because of their ability to maintain themselves unaltered over time and to maintain their contents.

This practice has its roots in the long and historical maritime expeditions that characterized the nineteenth century, beginning with Sir John Ross, historical explorer of the Arctic, who in 1818 restocked his ship with canned food in tin cans.

The need to provide on-board staff with a healthy, varied and vitamin-rich diet, thanks to the discovery of researchers on food decay (Pasteur), introduced the use of canned foods in tins, which ensured a perfect diet for the sustenance of the ship’s crew.
In Italy, Francesco Cirio, who in 1856 started the packaging of food in metal cans, exporting its historical preserves all over the world.

Since those days, the production of metal cans has come a long way both in terms of manufacture and in terms of market penetration.

Food cans characteristics

These packaging are particularly suitable for long-term and safe storage of food which would otherwise be wasted as it is perishable.

Contact with light and air, in fact, causes food to change and degrade rapidly. The metal is an ideal material because, in addition to being waterproof and not breathable, it is also totally darkening. These advantages, combined with the lightness and strength of metal containers compared to other packaging such as glass, make them ideal for food packaging. This is why cans and food containers made of metal are widely used.
With canned metal cans, food stocks can now be placed on the market and, at the same time, fresh food must not be wasted.

Falco manufactures and sells tin cans for food of various shapes and sizes and custom formats, for the satisfaction of all customers.

Cans for chemical products

Cans for chemical products made of electrolytic tinplate are among the most popular on the market for their lightness, robustness and practicality.

The Falco chemical containers, using multicolours printing lines , as well as the internal protective coatings, are perfectly adapted to the most varied needs of the chemical market.

Cans for chemical products: Models

Falco cans and pails are suitable to contain paints, solvents, adhesives, paint strippers, greases etc. whether liquid or viscous. With a seal ensured by 100 % controls during production, pails are made with a welding of the box body and a seaming of the bottom and lid.

The metal containers can be overlapped both empties, to ensure the best use of the warehouse spaces, and full to ensure a perfect management of the warehouses and shelves in the stores.
Cylindrical metal containers of different capacities and containers of different shapes are available in the catalogue:

Cylindrical starting from 100 ml
Conic starting from 2.5 lt
Rectangular starting from 125 ml
Squares starting from 250 ml
Aerosol starting from 75 ml

Falco manufactures metallic cans for paint approved for the transport of dangerous goods, with Partial Openings (plugs) for liquid products, or Total Openings for viscous products requiring the use of working tools (for example the wall painting roller, mixing station etc ).
Among manufacturers, our company guarantees decades of experience and international activity.

Aerosol spray cans

The spray cans, better known as aerosol cans, are those cylindrical cams equipped with a valve that, using an Ecological Propellant, allow to deliver a product in a nebulized way, fast, accurate and without waste.

Aerosol cans can be used in various sectors:

Chemical: paints, adhesives, greases, lubricants, automotive products, polyurethane foams, etc.
Cosmetics: deodorants, hair spray, body creams, shaving foams etc.
Food: oils, wipper cream, spreadable creams etc
Household products: degreasers, household cleaners, air fresheners etc
Garden products: insecticides, home plant care products etc
Products for footwear and textiles: dyes for fabrics, stain removers etc.

Spray cans: characteristics

Falco metal cans are composed of 3 pieces:
bottom (cans bottom)
body (the cylinder)
dome (lid or top)
In the production chain the three components are assembled together with a weld and a seam of the bottom and dome. They are all checked at 100 % and then sent to customers for the introduction of the product, the propellant and the closure with a dispensing valve that will be attached to the dome.

Cans are produced in accordance with the FEA Recommendations for Europe, Aia Norms for Italy and in accordance with the various national regulations. Falco spray cans also reflect US standards in 2N-2P-2Q versions.
Falco spray cans range includes the 45-52-57-65 diameters in necked-in shape and 65 diameter versions also in the straight version, with deformation test resistances of 12, 15 and 18 Bar, following customer demands.