Falco metallic packaging

Falco is a Family Italian company active since 1972 in the manufacture and sale of metal cans in national and international market.
Falco is composed of 4 Production Unit
Miradolo Terme in the province of Pavia a few miles from Milan. To this are added 3 other operating units:

  • Miradolo Terme, the Headquarter, in north Italy Miradolo Terme village at few miles from Milan City,
  • Bonefro in South Italy in Campobasso province, Molise Region;
  • Domazan, in the South of France, near to Avignon City
  • Autruy sur Juine in North France, near the Orleans City.

In Miradolo Terme Plant are focused the activities of receiving raw materials, cutting coils, graphic and printing process, production of components and some assembling lines , while in the operating locations is ensured the assembly and testing lines following local market demands.

In the coil cutting department, 12-tons tinplate coils are precisely levelled and cut to produce metal cylindrical cans, chemical packaging , metal paint pails, liquid chemical drums , industrial metal drums , customized metal boxes, metal packaging for oil and so on.

In the graphic and printing department, using the most advanced printing technologies, we realize the protection and graphics that the graphic offices have developed or received from our customers.

From the graphic aspect, we move to the realization of the various components of the cans with activities of cutting, molding and assembly of all the components, as well as 100% testing and stocking the products on the air-tight palletizing system in the warehouses of the company.

Falco provides a delivery service and order management based on client schedules.