Tins for chemical products made of electrolytic tinplate are among the most popular on the market for their lightness, robustness and practicality.

The Falco chemical containers, thanks to the multicolour prints applicable, as well as the internal protective coatings, are perfectly adapted to the most varied needs of the chemical market.

Cans for Chemical products‚Äč: types

Falco cans and pails are suitable to contain paints, solvents, adhesives, paint strippers, greases etc. whether liquid or viscous. With a seal ensured by 100 % controls during production, pails are made with a welding of the box body and a seaming of the bottom and lid.

The metal containers can be overlapped both empties, to ensure the best use of the warehouse spaces, and full to ensure a perfect management of the warehouses and shelves in the stores.
Cylindrical metal containers of different capacities and containers of different shapes are available in the catalogue:

Cylindrical starting from 100 ml
Conic starting from 2.5 lt
Rectangular starting from 125 ml
Squares starting from 250 ml
Aerosol starting from 75 ml

Falco manufactures metallic containers for paint whose closures can be approved for the transport of dangerous goods, but also closures for partial openings (plugs) for liquid products, or total openings for viscous products requiring the use of working tools (for example the wall painting roller).
Among manufacturers, our company guarantees decades of experience and international activity.